Our Services

Are you planning to visit Germany for a vacation?

Heading to Germany for a business conference?

Or have you decided to live here and make a living?

Freelance Logan will be your company in your Germany-venture. We are an online community that provides information and assistance to guests, visitors, and expats who visit Germany. We aim to bring you the best international experience by making your stay here safe and convenient.

Connect With People

Freelance Logan will help you adapt to Germany’s culture and environment. We will help you connect and communicate with German people. We want to engage you in a community where people, both locals and fellows, help each other to make living easy, fun, and convenient.

Participate On Events

Are you looking for an event? Or do you plan to conduct your own? Well, Freelance Logan will bring you to the biggest events in the country. This will include a wide variety of niches – art, music, sports, entertainment, gaming, and business.

Find Your Home

We will also help you find a perfect place to stay. On the other hand, we also provide assistance if you wish to look for properties where you can build your own house.

Build Your Career

In our website, we have classified ads where you can look for job vacancies. These jobs vary greatly- from blue-collar to white-collar jobs. Freelance Logan will be part of your journey to building your career.

Our community has been serving thousands of visitors and expats from all around the world for more than a decade.