6 Most Beautiful Cities in Germany That You Should Visit

The humble Germany is composed of over 2,000 towns and cities. It would take years for you to travel to all these places. If you plan to go city-hopping with your best friends, colleagues, or families this weekend, then we recommend you including these 10 best cities in your itinerary:


Berlin, the capital, is the biggest city in Germany. It is well-known for their festivals, nightlife, and various events that showcase the people and their culture. They are also known for their orchestras, universities, museums, sporting events, and diverse architectures.


If you want to visit some of the world’s first-class museums, then Munich is the place for you. It is the capital of Bavaria, which also serves as the gateway to The Alps. Moreover, Munich is one of the greenest cities in Germany. One of the biggest events in Germany is the Oktoberfest, showcasing Munich’s culture and world-class beer.


This metropolis is an alpha world city. It is a global hub for commerce, education, and tourism. In fact, it is the financial center of Germany and Europe. They are much known for their world-class structures, skyscrapers, automotive, and technology. The International Book Fair is held in Frankfurt.


Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany that holds one of the biggest harbors in the world. Major trade activities happen on the river Elbe. In 2016, Hamburg was ranked 18th in the World’s Most Livable Cities in the World, attracting more domestic and international tourists.


Cologne is a major cultural sport in Germany. It has over 30 museums with hundreds of galleries and exhibitions ranging from contemporary graphics, sculptures, and Roman archaeological sites. They also host some of the major trade fairs and carnival celebrations in Germany.


During the World War II, 80% of Dresden’s historic centers were destroyed. Fortunately, the landmarks have been restored and rebuilt. Not, you can enjoy their famous Baroque architectures and world-famous art treasures.

These are just a few of the many beautiful cities in Germany. If you wish to extend your vacation, then visit Leipzig, Heidelberg, and Weimar, among other cities.